by Gillian Carter

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2007 to 2017 is 10 years...


released June 22, 2017

Mastered by Wesley Wolfe in 2017!

recorded & released May 7, 2007
logan rivera - guitar, vocals
jesse hardy - bass
steve - drums
all songs recorded by jesse hardy in 2007 at Logans house
all songs written by Logan Rivera from 2005 to 2007



all rights reserved
Track Name: Chapter 1
you took their innocence
in the months to follow he said
give up your choice to be here
you left them for all these years
pressure was not your fault
you took them from
farewell to your innocence
Track Name: The Storm
someone you thought you always knew
but when that days comes you'll never know
and when that day finally comes
it will be the last time that you will ever get to
say all your goodbyes
being the only one you thought you ever knew
safely wanting someone new
the feeling you get when you have
goosebumps flowing out your bones
leaving someone who you just could never leave
believing something that was just so true
but you never got to go to that place you always wanted to visit.
safely wanting someone new
Track Name: The Letter & The Response
,and i hope they remember you
when it was too late
can you hear the people
they've never felt so warm
look at the sky, and it never moves
incomplete seas of loss
Track Name: The Epilogue
,and this is how it use to be, before it was over.
Track Name: The Flood
a heart so cold, never felt so warm
as we look up to the sky with all of these questions
it was a shame how we all always knew who to blame
wondering why
Track Name: (Untitled)
when i saw you sitting on the bench in the park
i remember when we used to dance in the snow
in the snow
now its just a faded memory on my wall
on my wall
now i'm gone and your still the same
i look to you and all i see is how it used to be
Track Name: Between Space & Time
its not your fault, its not your fault
over its over
Track Name: Thank-You For The Memories
So this is teenage angst?
Cuz it’s not all it’s cracked up to be
Why did it seem so real?

So this is your moral contribution?
Cuz it was never set out to harm you in any way possible till now
Thank you for the memories

Don’t be afraid it’s only a dream

And when you come to realize
This was never wanted
Breathing the air they gave you
An awkward rhythm of the heart
Remember there is no repeating
It wasn’t even a dream
Being inside without any communication from the outside
Singing a song, seeing the sun, looking at the stars
Where were the trees
Living the dream, living the lie
Living the broken frown upon the face of society that wished it could have been just one more smile.