Songs For Splits 7''

by Gillian Carter

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This album is a collection of songs re-recorded for splits with various bands in 2012. Due to certain circumstances the splits never came out. Now thanks to The Ghost Is Clear Records, Suspended Soul Tapes and Records & Explosion! Records, these 8 songs are now available on a nice 7''.


released January 31, 2014

Logan - guitar,bass,vocals
baby matt - drums
Nu Jesse - bass
chris reetz - recording/mixing/mastering



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Track Name: I Went Down With The Ship (To Save My Family)
Words Can't Express The Feelings That Came Next...
I Went Down With The Ship (To Save My Family)
Track Name: When The Music Stopped 2012
Nobody ever knew the pain
the fire which did not consume us whole
how could anybody care
the fire which was never even there
Track Name: The Storm (The w/o Alan Version)
someone you thought you always knew
but when that days comes you'll never know
and when that day finally comes
it will be the last time that you will ever get to
say all your goodbyes
being the only one you thought you ever knew
safely wanting someone new
the feeling you get when you have
goosebumps flowing out your bones
leaving someone who you just could never leave
believing something that was just so true
but you never got to go to that place you always wanted to visit.
safely wanting someone new
Track Name: The Letter & The Response a.k.a The Blaq Metal Song (Version for 2012)
,and i hope they remember you
when it was too late
can you hear the people
they've never felt so warm
look at the sky, and it never moves
incomplete seas of loss
Track Name: The Flood (2012 Version)
a heart so cold, never felt so warm
as we look up to the sky with all of these questions
it was a shame how we all always knew who to blame
wondering why.
Track Name: Some Days...
some days i wake up & loathe the fact that i can hate everything including myself. everything is temporary, nothing is forever i struggle just to search myself. everyday i hate myself.