Lost Ships Sinking With The Sunset

by Gillian Carter

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Third Full Length. 10'' available on Dog Knights Productions (U.K.) & Middle-Man Records (U.S.) The Album was Recorded in 4 days.


released June 3, 2013

Gillian Carter is:
Logan Rivera - Guitar,Vocals,Harmonica
Jesse De Siena - Bass
Matt Horner - Drums
all songs written by Logan Rivera.
on this record Logan Rivera plays guitar on all tracks, Bass on tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,8 & Harmonica at the end of track 5. Jesse De Siena plays bass on track 5 & does additional vocals on track 6 & 7. Matt Horner plays drums on all songs. Manuel Urdaneta sings on track 1.
all songs recorded,mixed, & mastered by Paul Hundeby of City Pro Recording in Orlando, FL during the course of 4 days in January of 2013. Front Album Photo taken by Chris Parente. Photo on the actual vinyls taken by Shauna Hundeby.

Gillian Carter Thanks: The Caution Children (Ian/Nick/Bob/Tony), Sleep Patterns, Henrietta (John/Manny/Matt), Echo Base (Spencer & Miguel) & The Tallahassee Crew, Fero Lux, Moths, Zach Davis, Steve, Kyle Shepherd for filling in when we need you. Jon Fraser of Northbound fame, The Daytona Crew, Atlantic Sounds, Rabbitfoot Records & the Titusville crew, NANCY, Alan Zollo, Timmy McGowan, Heather, Chris Reetz, Kerri Hacker, Josh Benfield, Chaz Brockington, Beneath Low Flying Planes (for being a band when they were), Frameworks & The Gainesville Crew, friends, Everyone at Evolution Records in Lakeland, family, Chris Parente, Paul Hundeby & Huge Special Thanks to Dog Knight Productions & Middle Man Records for helping us out so much with this release.


all rights reserved



Gillian Carter Orlando, Florida

Gillian Carter was formed on December 15th 2005.


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Track Name: Recently...
Recently I've been set free, destine to make a decision
But now i'm finding out there are more hard times to come.
What can i be? what will i see? where will i go? how will it end?
At least i know. at least i know at least i know i'm getting old.
At least i know i'm going to die, at least i know i'm going to die.
At least i know...
Track Name: Dissertation #1 (Trapped)
I am trapped in my own damn thoughts & i just cant hear you.
I guess i just don't like what you've become.
I thought i left your ghost alone.
One day i know its going to come & when it does i'll just sit there.
Track Name: Waking Up (Lost Ships)
Waking Up in hostile situations
Just Passing by (2x)
I regret my actions based upon...
Just Passing by (2x)
Waking up in a hostile situation
Just Passing by (2x)
the only problem is that i'm more lost than I've ever been
we follow our path into the sunset with one direction
everyone knows what what there doing, everyone knows.
like lost ships sinking with the sunset, wasting space wasting time
years have gone by & i'm still the same
but i'm still the same (2x)
Track Name: Time (All That Is Left Is Fading)
waiting to find out whats next
time in its self, slipping away
waiting to find the results
time in its self, is slipping away
Time in its self is being washed away & all that is left is fading...
Track Name: I've Been Forgotten & So Have You
Light years away , that is where i will be waiting
miles away , that is where you will be living
i thought friendships were suppose to be forever.
I've been forgotten and so have you (4x)
words mean nothing, I've been forgotten and so have you
the past means nothing, I've been forgotten and so have you
letters mean nothing, I've been forgotten and so have you
feelings mean nothing, I've been forgotten and so have you
Track Name: Sinking With The Sunset
In my old age, I am still young. getting more punk? something people grow out of. what is sadness? why is it a thing?
i was never one to jot down my thoughts.
what is life? what is love? questions i thought i had figured out when i was younger.
when did this happen? what is change? should things change?
as i look at myself (5x) It seems that change is irrelevant it happens to the best of us.
As time goes by I still have no answers, like lost ships sinking with the sunset, ramblings & drawings in notebooks just to pass the time
saving myself from myself, unfinished sentences that evoke a feeling.
it took me a while, it took me a while, it took me your grace your charm & a smile. it took me a while, it took me a while, it took me a while, it took me a while, it took me your grace your smile. it took me a while, it took me a while, it took me a while, it took me a while to admit that i miss you...
Track Name: Spring Song
Too much time for the heart work (4x)
Too much time for the heart work, no time for yourself to save yourself
farewell to the times we used to share (2x)

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