Having Lost​.​.​.

by Gillian Carter

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this album took 3 years to finish. The album art is a picture actually taken on March 17, 2007.


released November 6, 2011

Logan - vocals,guitar,bass,drum programming.
Jesse Hardy - some bass, drum programming, rythem guitar on "Intro" & Recording from 2008-2009 and some of 2010.
Chris Reetz - recording/mixing/& mastering 2011. additional vocals on "The Same Landmarks That Used To Miss Us", & "Dialogue".
Matthew Rumbley - vocals at the end of "Dialogue" & "wow's".
Rachel Dunkel - vocals at the end of "Dialogue" & "wow's".
Huge thanks to Chris of math event studios for helping finish the album, & The Caution Children for telling us not to give up when we lost the record twice.
This Record is Dedicated to friends gained and lost along the way, as well as my cousin Ian.
All songs written by Logan.



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Same Landmarks That Used To Miss Us
I have seen you and I, as we drive straight through to the end of the world, the headlights burned brightly passing through the same landmarks, the same landmarks that used to miss us, the cities over lapped the sky with beautiful portraits of undying feelings of the words that shined through old friendships, who are we to judge the tired dreams of pilots with tears in their eyes, saying we are going down.
Track Name: Memoirs
memories still haunt my dreams, and every time I think about the way it used to be I hear the sound of gentle music that plays inside my head, no memory has lost its meaning. Your living a lie, trapped inside. Your words have two meanings like an angel in the snow. Dismal thoughts and emotions, in my adolescence nothing ever fades away. Your words still haunt my dreams. Those words still haunt my dreams.
Track Name: Having Lost...
how could I forget, the past is killing me. The same old thing over again, how could I forget, the past is killing me, the same old thing that I could never forget, how could I forget the same old thing. How could I regret the times we can never get back, how can I forget the times that we will never get back. How can I (take your time) forget the past how can I forget the past.
Track Name: Drowning Alone
I know I fucked up. Something that can’t be. It was not your fault how could we have known. A photograph is all I have of a distant memory. We have no one to blame. I know I fucked up, and just for a second I thought everything was alright. A photograph is all I had, every now, and then the feeling still lingers. Now there’s nothing to say. Enjoy yourself. I’ll be the same. Enjoy yourself. A photograph is all I have every now and then. Enjoy yourself.
Track Name: The Same Misconceptions (past & present)
the curtain closed with a final goodbye, like radiant waves crashing on the beach. Unfinished thoughts filled the air. It was the same thing.
Track Name: Dialogue
what am i to say
the past will always be forever
18 years steady & clean
what am i suposed to say
the conversations always the same
knowing what i know, knowing what i now know
nothing will ever change
the conversations always the same
what am i to say, how am i to say that im proud
im proud of you
Track Name: March 17, 2007
memories held close to me I wouldn’t give them up. Of all these times we shared together none of them held up to now. The trees changed seasons on the long ride home. The seats were always empty, but now I’m home. Now I’m home.
Track Name: Realizations
Sentences! Your sentences were all lies. There on the ceiling with all of the saints. Condemn everything right; separate the truth taking it back with all of the saints. You’re the same taking it back. blank stares with all of the saints. Does it make sense, ask yourself was it right
Track Name: Coming Along
take it back! These times you can never get back. They don’t wait around. You’ll never run again. Missing…missing all the time….