Dreams of Suffocation

by Gillian Carter

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released April 8, 2016

Gillian Carter is:
Logan Rivera - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica & Tony Oriza - Drums, Organ.
"Dreams Of Suffocation" was recorded, mixed, & mastered in Greensboro, NC. at Legitimate Business by Kris Hilbert on May 13th - 18th, 2015.
Bass & Upright Bass for this record was recorded by Collin James Bottomlee. All songs written by Logan Rivera.
"Withdrawl" "In Her Womb" "Burning The Alter" Artwork by Brandon Geurts www.brandongeurts.com
Live Photo taken by Nick Zimmer www.facebook.com/nickzimmerphotography



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Track Name: Lament
Broken Ears, Living On Paper.
The Weightless Sigh Of Your Youth.
Can Still Be Heard, Over This Silence.
I Lost Myself, Trying To Forget You.
Everything Was Beautiful For Years.
Sifting Through The Fears.
Now I Understand That It Was All For Nothing
Track Name: Remembering Her The Way She Was (Alive)
We We're Just a failed oil painting that was never finished.
A miserable reminder of a burdenless illusion that fades with time
Where did time go, taken back by these moments.
We look back Cuz there's nothing left.
I watched the lakes freeze over with your memories.
The sun set, it set on you.
I feel lost without you living & now i'm all alone.
Track Name: Sparks To The Sky
As darkness consumed the sky, lust fell over me.
As darkness consumed the sky, everything fell apart
The days became abysmal.
I could feel my well being slipping away.
Flying through the wreckage this lust was defined.
Track Name: Fragments Of A Eulogy
I was haunted by bleak & shimmering bursts of light.
I don't want any part of this. No more dreams.
Bleak & shimmering bursts of light.
Track Name: (Fuck Everything) One Day I'll Die
I've been too involved with my own sorrow.
Like a captain married to the sea. Like a captain lost at sea.
Burning out over time, hoping & wishing for next year.
It took forever to get out of this funk.
Track Name: This Title Means Nothing
A forest full of rotting fruit,
A house on top of this mountain.
This lapse in time is over.
The truth is that i don't finish anything that I start.
My abilities put up a good fight. My Mind puts up a good fight.
Track Name: Rotting
Anxious days,
Hate filled nights.
You make me feel like filth when i know I'm not.
Nothing ever happens like it does in the movies
When i close my eyes it was you i see.
No hope.
Remember the void, something so lost.
All together, yet all alone.
No hope.
Track Name: Despondency
wounded angel in flight taking you away
wounded angel in flight holding on to your consciousness
wounded angel of death i've feared you so much
the sins of the flesh
here lies the body of a dear old friend who's presence could fill the room with joy, goodbye.
Track Name: Discouragement (Better Luck Next Year)
What can be done to erase this.
What can be done to erase this.
How much more can one take to avoid this.
I've felt this way before the fall, discouraged for nothing.
For what it's worth this held no worth.
I've willingly given away everything for this & now there's nothing to show for it.
Expectations not met, Disappointments arise.
Wasting the days filled with regret.
Losing the days filled with regret.
Torn apart.